How to Plot a Sustainable Path to Customer Centricity

Customer Experience is a specific industry, but it touches a lot of others. As a result, it often has a hard time establishing a look and feel of it’s own. Building on a recent rebrand of the company (Mindshare became InMoment), their aesthetic for communicating to potential leads and existing clients had to be clear, impactful, and free of distraction.

Establishing a clean, easily parsable format for communicating research is an important design principle.

This is a dense, information-rich piece of content, and as a result, it needs to breath. The design elements aren’t distracting, instead they are informative, and work together to tell the story.

White space is used to give time and space to the reader. Images are treated in ways that marry them with the layout itself, as well as the content. Pull quotes often overlays the images and helps to further integrate them into the layout.

This format is adaptable. Other case studies can build on what exists here, and simple changes – like colour, shade, images – can repurpose and reimagine the options for these layouts.

The Full White Paper.