The Switch: A Paperless Transition To Independent Advice.

An atypical, dual grid layout structure that subconsciously engages the reader.

Finding an effective way to convey information that is traditionally text-heavy format can be difficult, especially in an industry like fintech. The solution was striking layouts that engage the reader in multiple ways – not just the text, but the layout as well.

Having never done a white paper before, Nest Wealth needed to establish an attention-grabbing aesthetic that independent advisors would latch on to and feel engaged with. This was the result – an offset double swiss grid layout with multiple unique page templates that allow for experimentation and customization.

I worked with a copywriter, a project lead, and the financial advisor being profiled in the case study to create the finished product. The copy and design were created in tandem, being altered and adjusted together as they grew and evolved.

The Full Case Study.