A 48 Page annual report detailing both financial information, and the mission statements.

Vita Community Services is a collection of charities and groups that assist those who have difficulty living independently. They’re non-profit, and are required to issue financial reports and financial statements, all of which must be vetted several times throughout the process to ensure accuracy.

Each year, the charity picks a theme. I was the senior designer, under the project manager, who collaborated with the charity to pick energy and motion, as a way to challenge the stereotype of the lives of people who need assistance as being characterized by inactivity and restriction.

As the sole designer on the project, I was responsible for executing the vision of the project lead. That included charts, graphs, typography, layout, photo manipulation, and vector illustrations, as well as ensuring the accuracy of financial statements between reviews by the charity itself.

This was a large report – 48 pages – and involved extremely large vector illustrations that layered on each other to create the effects necessary to properly overlay and integrate into the photography. Processing this document to prepare it for print required close communication with the printer, and demanded that the print-ready pdf be separated into 4 files just to properly export.

Vita Community Services were happy with the report. It contended in 2013 for several awards against larger charities working with big agencies. Our team of three – one project manager, one designer, and one copywriter working closely with the charity itself created a piece that was succinct, told the story the charity wanted to tell, and delivered everything necessary to meet their obligations as a charity.

The Full Report.