ZSA is a legal, accounting, and support recruitment firm. I joined when they only had a legal recruitment division, and guided them through a retooled brand identity, helped establish video advertisements, and was responsible for introducing a modern, clean, and more minimal aesthetic across their divisions. I also launched the visual identities for their Accounting and Support divisions.

A company existing in a discreet industry that needs a curated, careful approach to advertising themselves and their roles.

I began at ZSA as they were working on a brand refresh. I handled the logo – simplifying it to apply better on small applications, and removing superfluous effects like faux-embossing and drop shadows.

ZSA also launched two new divisions: an accounting recruitment side, and a support recruitment side. These both needed advertising identities that matched the existing brand, but also stood on their own.

ZSA routinely placed ads in industry magazines like Lexpert and The Ontario Reports, as well as national newspapers like The Globe & Mail and The National Post. I routinely worked with their CEO and President, their General Counsel, as well as lawyers and accountants who were in recruitment roles, under tight weekly deadlines. The design team consisted of myself and one other person.